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KIS Timber Mate is the only product to integrate a full accounting suite with lumber yard scaling operations.


The Timber Mate product was created to simplify the scaling process while giving yards a true understanding of the value of available inventory; all while being directly integrated into every module of a full enterprise accounting package.


Our KIS Timber Mate customization expands upon our accounting platform to integrate the tracking of the life cycle of serialized logs or lumber as it moves through a yard’s operational process. KIS Timber Mate allows users real-time use of their inventory data for any part of the business process.


Based off of our one-time tag, scale, and scan process, users will be able to:


  • Inventory logs or lumber by weight or scale
  • Print itemized invoices or purchase orders
  • Report and compare inventory data
  • Compare and review historical data
  • View board footage value based upon different scales (Doyle, JAS, etc)
  • View inventory by any defined variable
  • Cost out expenses against inventory, loads, jobs


KIS TimberMate replaces the need to purchase any expensive handhelds. Preform all handheld operations directly on any internet capable device (your phone!)!

TimberMate comes standard with the ability to inventory tagged logs or lumber and create and fill new orders on any mobile platform.


Those are just some of the additions that KIS Timber Mate brings. Do not forget that these capabilities are wholly incorporated into every module of our entireprise suite.


Born on the Yard, Proven in the Office