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Behavioral Health


KIS Accounting for Behavioral Health has been in use for over 25 years.  It is designed to run against the latest SQL Server databases, offering premiere performance and growth potential.


KIS tracks the information that gets you paid.  Features include:


  • Full state reporting support (in South Carolina and Florida).  This means a single data entry is automatically reported to the various state agencies that receive and process the data.
  • Clinician Dashboards, by Calendar and by client, putting all of the data related to a client in one place.
  • Right click on the dashboards to generate any of the various forms and data entries that are supported for full level accounting tracking.
  • Full appointment tracking, both individual, group, and recurring appointments.
  • Full support for billing Medicaid, Insurance and State data – designed to generate across all billing platforms from single points of entry.
  • Powerful tracking for setup and entry of Fund Accounting – this can be hidden from the day to day operators, i.e. they enter the data and billing happens without their needed input.
  • User defined error tracking, both for the types of services allowed for operators, clients and facilities.
  • One stop Client form that shows all history with drill down capabilities for selected date periods.
  • Powerful report writing tools, allowing users to choose the data they want to see how they want to see it.
  • Full data dictionary report that allows you to determine exactly in the database where a particular data element is derived – no advanced SQL operability required!
  • Special Contract Tracking that allows all cost elements to be tracked across multiple months and years, unrelated to your fiscal year.


Powerful, user designed data tracking, with one step entry that feeds all of the various accounting modules.


Real use proven, rock solid automatic referential data tracking; this and much, much more included in the KIS for Behavioral Health – Enterprise ready!